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El Dorado

The earliest accounts of chocolate come from the Olmec tribes of southern Mexico. It was such a precious resource that is was even used as a form of standardized currency. Many theorize that the gold the natives spoke of in the famed city El Dorado was actually chocolate.

The Curiosity co.

The Curiosity Co. is a niche stationery line centered around exploration. Combining a love for creativity and curiosity, this brand offers interactive journals, blank notebooks, and other stationery goods!

New Frontier

New Frontier is an interactive magazine that dives deep into the topic of exploration. We are passionate about learning and aspire to be a neutral source for our readers. Not just telling them what to believe but giving them the chance to draw their own conclusions.

More Projects

Mission Z

Lego challenged us to create a campaign with the goal of gaining back their teenage audience. Mission Z is a new approach to what Lego is already doing. Instead of targetting teens, Mission Z is focused on meeting them where they are.

Collaboration with Katrina Guinto

Date: 2020

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