Charlton Olmos

Freelance designer

Art Direction

I can oversee people and work simultaneously in multiple disciplines. I value the abilities of others in a project and know where each person's skills can be applied. 


When it comes to the identity of a brand, whether it's a startup or an established business, I am able to create new ideas and different ways it can be perceived by its target audience.  


I love to think about design in a three-dimensional space. My background in object design can add a deeper level of thinking to how your package will look. I don't just design packages. I design experiences for the customer.

What can I do for you?

1. Research

The most important part of any project is to know your stuff. Before I begin any designs, I do as much research as possible. Only once I know as much as I can about a project do I begin drawing connections and building a strategy.    

2. Concepts

At this stage, I start putting together all the research I have gathered and organize them together. My strength as a designer is drawing connections between seemingly unrelated things to come up with unique ideas. 

3. Creation

By the time I get to this stage, all the preparation that led up to it makes it easy to build a design that doesn't just look good but is a creative and well thought out solution.

What is my process?

The Curiosity co.
New Frontier

The Curiosity Co

Discover a new line of stationery goods focused on curiosity.

New Frontier

An interactive magazine that goes deep on topics of exploration

El Dorado

Bringing the traditions of Latin America to the western market.

Mission Z

How do we get teens to see lego as a brand they can get behind?

Some of my work